2015 Chicago Auto Show

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This was my first year going to the Chicago Auto Show and I was very impressed by the show they put on. For those that don’t know the Chicago Auto Show is a showcase for car manufactures to show their current models. They had quite a selection of cars to browse including just everyday passenger vehicles to old racecars, hypercars and even concept cars!

When I arrived at the Auto Show the first thing on my mind was the concept cars. The cars I have been waiting on for years and the cars that caught me by surprise. The first of these being the new redesigned Acura NSX. This car was one of the main reasons I even went to the show. I remember seeing it in the Avengers movie and then on a super bowl commercial a couple years back but then it seemed to just disappear and be put on the back burner. Finally Honda once again started talking about the NSX and I knew I just had to see it. From the Hybrid design with three electric motors and a twin-turbo V6 combined with a symmetrical Awd drivetrain this is a car that should be very competitive with other super cars in the $150,000 price range including the Audi R8 and the Nissan GTR. IMG_2398 IMG_2395 IMG_2409

Next on the list is the Ford GT. The new GT kind of caught me by surprise as I am not a huge Ford follower but I still appreciate what they did as I am a huge fan of the original GT 40. Ford did a good job with the design of the car as to keep it looking similar to the old Ford GT but at the same time give it that new modern look. What they did not keep at all was the heart of the car. This time around Ford decided to throw out the V8 and replace it with a Twin-Turbocharged 3.5L V6 pumping out a impressive claimed 600+ Horsepower. While I like the idea of using a smaller displacement engine with a pair of turbos I am sure a lot of people may get upset that it will not have the typical big V8 that we are used to seeing in Fords performance cars.  As for looks they nailed it and I have to say they did a pretty good job with the performance as well, so the only thing left to worry about is the price. I have yet to see anything official but have heard rumors that they are trying to be competitive with the Lamborghini Aventador, which goes for just under $400,000, So we will just have to wait and see.IMG_2329 IMG_2332 IMG_2334 IMG_2339Last but not least on the list of Concept at the Auto Show was the Toyota FT-1, Future Toyota 1, otherwise known as the new Supra. I found this car very interesting because It has the looks but they didn’t really give any sold information on the car. Another disappointment about this car to me  was the fact that it is most likely going to be in the super car price range rather than the sports car where, as the replacement for the Supra, I think they should have put it so that you don’t have to reach as deep into your pockets to get a chance to drive what I think will be a very sought after car. IMG_2273 IMG_2283 IMG_2553 After seeing all of the Concept cars, which was the main reason I went to the show in the first place, I just started wondering around to find something to spark my attention. I had figured that all I was going to be seeing was normal everyday cars that people are just interested in getting to use for their everyday commute, but I was soon finding myself looking at some very exciting vehicles of pretty much every make and model. Dodge had an astonishing Viper that they had this crazy Rainbow effect that it somehow managed to pull off. Ford had a brand new Mustang GT 350 that they set up on a Dyno. Volkswagen had a wide-body, rear wheel drive racing Beetle that was designed by none other that stunt driver and Top Gear host Tanner Foust himself. Mazda had the 14th Miata to roll out the production floor. Hyundai had a couple of Stanced Genesis Coupes and Sedans, and I even stumbled upon a beautiful first generation Camaro SS.IMG_2309 IMG_2328 IMG_2350 IMG_2353 IMG_2377 IMG_2382 IMG_2389 IMG_2390 IMG_2392 IMG_2358Finally I stumbled upon a huge crowd of people that were surrounding the super/hyper cars. Now at my job I encounter a lot of high end vehicles so I wasn’t all that excited but there were a couple that did strike my interest. First is the all new BMW i8, now i wouldn’t classify this as a super car but it was right next to them and I’ve wanted to see one up close and personal for a while. I not really interested in the car overall but it definitely has one killer design. Next is the new Lamborghini Huracan, which to me seemed like just another version of a Aventador, but was cool because it had this brown color that it just pulled off so well. IMG_2428 IMG_2435 IMG_2441  Next on the list is the McLaren 650s which I originally mistook for a P1 (one of my all time favorite cars) and just about lost it. Still this was an awesome vehicle to see because I have not seen a lot McLarens in person and the design is just above and beyond. Finally there was a Bugatti Vitesse which is just a upgrade from a Veyron, hard to believe I know. I have never been a Bugatti fan but still none the less I have always wanted to see one in person. You really can tell the craftsmanship behind it and that is something I can appreciate about this car!IMG_2457 IMG_2465 IMG_2470Finally as I am walking towards the exit of the show, I walk past the Lexus area and see the car that absolutely without a question became my favorite car in the building. There right in front of my was a Lexus RC 350 F sport with a Rocket Bunny kit on it. Personally I have a thing for the RC 350. It is comfortable and luxurious, but still is a quick fun car to drive with a incredible design. So to see a RC 350 with a Rocket Bunny kit was awesome. The flares, splitters, diffusers, literally everything on this car just worked out perfect.IMG_2490 IMG_2491 IMG_2499So there you have it, I had a excellent time at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show and cant believe I have missed it so many years. I will definitely be making my way back next February to see what new things will hit the market. Feel free to leave a comment or question below!


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