2016 Photography Contest!


Words by: Andrew Smith

We are excited to announce our very first photo contest! This contest is exclusively for our fellow automotive photographers out there. In order to enter the contest, you must be the person who took the photograph (sorry vehicle owners, you are not allowed to enter a photograph of your car if taken by someone else) and have permission to use the photograph. There will be two winners, one selected by “Popular Vote” and one selected by the Midwest Automotive team as an “Editors Choice”. We are extremely excited to see what our followers have been doing over the last year. Our goal with Midwest Automotive is not to only showcase and cover local events and cars, but also to  provide a resource for photographers and anyone interested in automotive photography. As we begin to expand that portion of Midwest Automotive, we want to host this contest to remind everyone that we set out to be a collective resource for photographers, not just an online blog or zine. This contest is not limited to only those in the Midwest, but around the country (At this time only entrants from the continental US). This is also not meant to be a contest to see who is the best photographer or who has photographed the most expensive car. This contest is about more than that; the story, the emotion, the passion. Photography is all about telling a story and showcasing your creative vision. We expect entrants from all levels of photographic ability, and we encourage everyone to participate. It does not matter if the photo was taken with an entry level mirrorless camera or a Full Frame DSLR, the photo tells the story, not the equipment. We encourage all to enter, and everyone to pass this contest along to anyone they think might be interested.

The rules of the contest are very simple.

  1. Each Photographer gets one entry.
  2. Message the Midwest Automotive Facebook page with your photo (Hi-res only)
  3. Every person who enters must have “liked” the Facebook page.
  4. Photo must be from current year (2016)
  5. Photos must be submitted by November 14th.
  6. The Midwest Automotive team will select 15 finalists.
  7. After the 15 photos have been chosen, they will be uploaded to a new “Album” on the Midwest Automotive Facebook page.
  8. Voting begins on November 19th and runs through November 26th.
  9. The photo with the most “likes” wins!
  10. In addition to the photo that has the most likes, the Midwest Automotive team will also be selecting an “Editors Choice” award for our favorite photo.

Types of photographs accepted.

All photos must be automotive related. Photos do not need to be specifically of a car, they can incorporate another aspect of the lifestyle/culture that is the automotive world. Things such as racetracks, garages and people make wonderful subjects. A photograph that tells a story is much more compelling than a perfectly executed photograph of a stationary car lacking any sort of background information. Each of the two photographs mentioned prior has their merits, and while the quality of the car definitely helps in the overall quality of the image, the photo chosen for the Editors Choice award will  be the one that tells the best story or evokes the most emotion. All to often photo contests are won based solely on the popularity of the car, not on the artistic merit of the photograph. We understand this, and our goal is to reward those photographers who go the extra step and have that creative vision.



There will be two prizes given away with this contest. The prizes are the grey/black Midwest Automotive hoodies that have become so popular. The winner of the “Popular Vote” will receive one hoodie, and the winner of the “Editors Choice” will also receive one. If the winner of the popular vote is also the winner of the editors choice, then we will select the second most voted photo as the winner of the popular vote. These grey/black hoodies only come in sizes Small through 3xl. If you need a size larger than 3xl, you will be switched to a pure black hoodie instead.

Legal notes and important info.

Midwest Automotive reserves the right to end the contest at any time, for any reason. Midwest Automotive reserves the right to disqualify any entries deemed not following the rules. All photographs entered must be entered by the original photographer, not the vehicle owner. If you were not the one who clicked the shutter, you can not enter the contest. By entering your photograph, you allow Midwest Automotive to use your photo for promoting this contest now and in the future. Once photo has been submitted, it is up to the discretion of Midwest Automotive to remove the photograph from the contest if requested. Prize will be the Grey/Black Midwest Automotive hooded sweatshirt shown in the photos above. If hoodies are not available, a prize of equal or greater value will be provided. Entries only valid from Continental United States, free shipping to your desired address. Any questions please contact Andrew@midwestautomotive.net.

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