2016 United Projects Season Opener

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Words and Photos by: Daniel Allen

This was to my knowledge the first show that United Project has ever put on so when we heard that they were hosting a season opener show, I knew we had to go! Not knowing this group to well I decided to check them out and see what they were all about. It seems like they have a vast variety of people in their group which is always a great thing to have and as the days grew closer I kept getting more and more excited for there show.

Finally the week was here and the show was just in a couple days. I had constantly been checking the weather each day in hopes that we would have a nice clear week. Unfortunately the day before the show we got a couple inches of snow in the morning which I was terrified would stop people from showing up but to my surprise it didn’t seem to affect things at all as hundreds of cars came out to meet up and hang out. For there first show I was pretty impressed. Sure there was somethings that could have gone different to improve things but everyone has to start somewhere and for where they started they set the bar pretty high for the upcoming years. Anyways rather then my normal stories where I would keep rambling on about the different cars at the show I’m just going to keep it simple and get straight to the pictures. Hope you all had a blast at the show and I cant wait what this season is going to bring us!

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  – Daniel Allen

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