AUTOMOTION 2017 – Brandon’s Story

Words and Photos By: Brandon Deuster

To a lot of people, Automotion is the beginning of the local car season. Thousands of people flock to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin for a weekend jam packed full cars and crazy-ness. I drove up early on Thursday morning to get started on photos and video. I was met by a bunch of people at the Vaded cabin, as well as fellow MA members.

After getting everything set up in the cabin, I went out to the strip and hung out with some friends. Once I got back, I did a little bit of light painting on the nearby cars.

The next morning, I shot one of the 3 shoots I set up over the weekend – Brooke’s Miata. The full album can be found here. 

Right after Brooke’s car was Jason’s Ralliart and Dakota’s Forester. The full album can be found here.

The following morning was the Battle of the Imports show. The whole Saturday was forecasted to rain, and as soon as I showed up it started to pour. I managed to snag a few photos before my camera got too soaked.

To end the weekend, I did my final shoot with two of my great friends, Claire and RJ. The full album can be found here.

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