Chicago Auto Show 2016

Chicago Auto Show Coverage

Words by: Andrew Smith
Photos by: Andrew Smith, Daniel Allen, and Brandon Deuster

Shortly after New Year’s, I sit down with a few of my best friends and we begin planning the year’s calendar of car events and shows that we plan on attending. The first day we always plan is our annual trip down to the Chicago Auto Show in February. After some quick discussion, we decided that another mid-week trip down was preferred to minimize the crowd size. We all requested off work and got together on the morning of February 17th to head down for our third consecutive auto show trip.

In  addition to my self going, both Daniel and Brandon also went to get coverage for the website. Daniel even got credentialed to attend Media Day for Midwest Automotive!


The Chicago Auto Show is pretty similar from year to year, with the exception of a few concept cars and new models coming out. This year was no different, although a few specific models really caught my eye. The brand new NSX in it’s near production form was great to see, along with the TRD Camry that Toyota created for SEMA was also a very unique, cool little car that I was not expecting to catch my eye. The new Alpha Romeo’s,  the Focus RS, and the newer Miata also interested me quite a bit. Since you can read all about each of the cars at the show in detail everywhere online, we are going to keep the writing short and let you browse the photos.

IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_5336 IMG_5321 Edited (2 of 22)Edited (3 of 22) IMG_5824 IMG_0466 IMG_0443 Edited (22 of 22)IMG_5682 Edited (12 of 22) IMG_0531 Edited (13 of 22) IMG_0517 IMG_5409 IMG_5807 IMG_0515 IMG_5415 Edited (10 of 22) Edited (17 of 22) IMG_0424 IMG_0438 IMG_0433 IMG_0420IMG_5887 IMG_0419 Edited (21 of 22) Edited (20 of 22) Edited (9 of 22) Edited (7 of 22) IMG_5762 IMG_0511 IMG_0504 IMG_5348IMG_0469 IMG_5355 IMG_5350 Edited (4 of 22) IMG_5401 IMG_5390 IMG_0413 IMG_0453 Edited (19 of 22) Edited (18 of 22) Edited (8 of 22) IMG_5366 IMG_5481 IMG_5512 Edited (14 of 22) IMG_5529 IMG_5511 IMG_5476 IMG_5685 IMG_5697 IMG_5693 IMG_0427 IMG_0434 IMG_0437 IMG_0479 IMG_5580 Edited (15 of 22) Edited (16 of 22)IMG_5659IMG_5660IMG_5641IMG_5673IMG_5894IMG_5385IMG_0461IMG_0456IMG_0430IMG_0428IMG_0416IMG_0417Edited (1 of 22)IMG_5442IMG_5444IMG_0518IMG_0513IMG_0542

Thanks for looking. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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