Group Contributors – Brandon Deuster, Daniel Allen, Jacob Gordy, Jonathan Salmi

Words by: Jonathan Salmi

Chicago might be known as the Second City, but we take a back seat to no one. The New York Auto Show and NAIAS in Detroit get all the fanfare, and Geneva certainly has class, but the Chicago Auto Show is the largest in the world. With over a million square feet of floor space, 40 exhibitors are displaying over 1,000 vehicles from now through February 20. This year’s show has seen reveals of cars like the Dodge Durango SRT, the return of the Ford Expedition, the Dodge Challenger ’17 Mopar Edition, and the new Chevy Redline series of factory-“modified” vehicles. Tens of thousands of people will come through the doors to see the best that automakers and custom builders have to offer. This year’s show also has more indoor test tracks than ever before, including Mercedes’ absolutely bonkers scaffolding hill climb.

The CAS is always a yearly highlight for automotive photographers. The opportunity to shoot this many cars in one place is just too good to pass up and we often get our first look at new models in the flesh (or carbon fiber). There are also unique challenges with difficult light, glossy paint, and crowds of visitors and media. Midwest Automotive photographers Brandon Deuster, Daniel Allen, Jacob Gordy and Jonathan Salmi each made his own visit to the show floor. Each of us shot the show in our own style and showing our own unique vision of the cars on display. Below, you’ll find the highlights of this year’s show. But first, make sure you watch Brandon’s video to get a feel for just how expansive, diverse, and well the show is laid out.


















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