DriftCHITown Opening Weekend 2017 @ GLD


Words and Photos by: Andrew Smith

Wisconsin has been graced with pretty decent weather this spring. While my job has been keeping me extremely busy these past few months, I knew I had to make time to go out and start shooting again. My buddy Andy spent the whole winter getting his 240sx setup for the season. After some extensive work rebuilding the head and working on the suspension, including the angle kit made by friend, he made the trip down from LaCrosse to participate in the first drift event of the season. While I had some obligations around the house and wasnt able to make it down until around 2pm, I still had a great time getting out with my 300mm F2.8.

Lines were crazy long all day long, sometimes in excess of 1hr 30mins for a single run. Obviously it was opening day, but everyone is hopeful that they can smooth things out to make it a more enjoyable experience all around.

While both of their drift cars are being finished up, Andrew and Andy (there are too many damn Andrew’s around here) brought down the daily to enjoy the day.

This little Miata caught my eye. The bright red paint really popped in the bright midday sun.

As I mentioned before, any day that I can get out with my 300mm F2.8 is a good day (screenshot of a iPhone photo).

As always, a big thank you to all of those who dedicate their entire day to working to keep the event safe and clean for everyone.

Unfortunately with the sun being so bright and no cloud cover the entire day, I was forced to shoot stopped down quite a bit in order to get shutter speeds slow enough to show some motion (the 300mm doesn’t accept filters as the 70-200 does).

Woody made a little appearance.

As they shut down the dragstrip, the skid pad was still hot. With the lines still about an hour long, and a 4 hour drive home for Andy, we decided to pack up and head home for the weekend. I only took a few photos throughout the day just to knock the rust off. Next time I will be focusing on capturing the whole event as I usually do, from the cars and action to the pits and those that make the event possible.

Overall I enjoyed the day and cant wait until the next event when I can shoot later into the day so I can get some good light instead of having to shoot at high-noon.

– Andrew


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