FLATFEST 2015 – Madison WI


Photos and story by: Brandon Deuster

Being a long-time Subaru fanatic myself, I had to make it to at least one Subaru-only event. While most shows like Subiefest are just a little out of reach, FL4TFEST was just a short drive away in Madison, WI, taking place at Madison International Speedway. I was asked by the staff of the show to cover the show many months in advance, the second show that I would officially cover.

I had made plans with a few friends to meet up beforehand and cruise to the show. I had actually woken up at 4:30am, before the sun had even come up. At 6:30, we all met up at Mayfair Mall on HWY100.

IMG_2954Zach, Jake, and Nate all rolled in together, and before they even parked, mall security was already on the hunt. They saw that I had a camera, and told us that for whatever reason, pictures of the mall were prohibited. Naturally, we did it anyway.

IMG_2967I managed to snag a few rolling shots on the way there. This is Zach’s new project, a blobeye WRX. His old hawkeye STi had become well known, and is even on this website! Check it out!

IMG_2973 Nate’s recently rebuilt ‘panda’ STi.

IMG_2970This unique teal GC chassis RS managed to stumble across our small convoy and joined in. This surely isn’t a color you see everyday, especially on a Subaru.
DJI_0162The beginning of FLATFEST. After I parked, I got my car registered and picked up my media pass and shirt. The media pass granted me access to the infield of the oval, where cars would be running Autocross for the day. Even early in the morning, the turnout was already spectacular. IMG_2976Subaru’s US rally team was already set up with their rally spec 2015 STi. Front and center, this is the first thing that caught my eye. The car has a slightly higher ride height over stock, and a fully prepped interior. IMG_2978IMG_3065

IMG_2979With registration done, it was time to get to work. Photo time!

IMG_2981IMG_2984IMG_2986IMG_2987IMG_2988This is the first time I got to see Dan’s new setup in person. This is by far one of my favorite local cars. The attention to detail is absolutely incredible. Sporting a new livery, striping, and wheel color, it stands out even more than before. There are many unique additions to this car, but my favorite is the galaxy wrap under the hood and behind the seats. Dan did a phenomenal job. Check out his vinyl wrapping page, Danwraps! 



IMG_2998IMG_3000IMG_2997IMG_3001IMG_3002IMG_2991IMG_2993IMG_3021IMG_3011Jason from Raven One Media was also at the show, playing with his new toy – a DJI Ronin stabilizer, able to take incredibly smooth footage. Watching how the rig balanced and seeing the resulting footage is mind boggling.

IMG_3024IMG_3023You don’t see too many modified 2015s quite yet, but this one was done quite well. Lots of small changes make a huge difference, and it surely shows. The attention to detail in the engine bay is very impressive.

IMG_3025IMG_3030IMG_3032IMG_3034IMG_3044Several rally cars were in attendance to the show. FLATFEST showcased all types of Subarus, from slammed to lifted, rally to race. There was a huge variety of cars, even though it was just of one brand.

IMG_3046IMG_3048IMG_3050IMG_3055IMG_3057IMG_3058IMG_3061IMG_3063IMG_3067IMG_3068IMG_3069IMG_3072IMG_3073IMG_3075Whats a Subaru event without dogs?

IMG_3091IMG_3094IMG_3096IMG_3097IMG_3098IMG_3103IMG_3104IMG_3107IMG_3115IMG_3117IMG_3118IMG_3134DJI_0168The track used for Autocross was an oval. Cones were set up around the course to simulate slaloms and hairpins. The outer bank was used up until the finish line, then drivers pulled a sharp 180 and dove into the infield. The finish line was at the end of the backstraight on the outer loop, with transponders waiting at the end.


IMG_3140IMG_3174IMG_3181IMG_3187IMG_3192IMG_3196IMG_3206IMG_3215IMG_3232IMG_3243IMG_3263IMG_3270IMG_3276IMG_3289IMG_3295IMG_3311IMG_3331IMG_3332IMG_3334IMG_3336Unfortunately, I left before awards were given out. There were a lot of classes and lots of well deserved winners. Despite the heat and sunburn, FLATFEST was a hit. Hundreds of cars were in attendance with room for many more. I would like to personally thank all of the staff for having me be a part of this event. It was a great experience, and I will surely do it again.

Thank you for reading!


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