Gridlife Midwest 2017

Words by: Andrew Smith
Photos by: Andrew Smith & Brandon Deuster

This was my first time going to Gridlife. I headed down with a few friends in what I knew was going to be an awesome weekend.Although I wasn’t able to get a media pass, I felt I still got some good shots from the general admission spectator areas. Brandon however had a media pass and was able to get some shots that I just wasn’t able to.

I love the Falken livery.  This C6 was tearing it all up all weekend. Only pro shooters shoot with iphones. Your’s truly shooting some iphone shots for Instagram.
I am a huge fan of the new mustangs.These little JDM trucks and vans that were cruising around were super cool.As always, a big thanks to the men and women who devote their entire weekend to keep everyone safe. This thing was shooting flames all weekend. It is always cool seeing a R34 rip around the track. One of my favorite cars of the weekend. There may be a ton of photos of Vaughn Gittin, but he was absolutely tearing it up all weekend with that incredibly photogenic Mustang.
After finishing up shooting at the wall by pit road, I took some time to relax and eat. As the sun began to set, I went back out to the track to get ready for the next drifting session. Chairslayer was out there killing it all weekend! There is something about 4 door drifting that I like.
After finishing up the last drift session of the evening I headed out to the paddock to get some photos. While the track cars were the attraction, the other cars around the pits were awesome as well.  The little pond and the sunset made for a picturesque backdrop.#iguessso The moon was full all weekend long and provided plenty of light late into the night. After an awesome night at the concert, we headed to bed. Sunday morning we woke up, packed up and then headed to the outside of turn 3. Although I didn’t have a media pass, I still found a small break in the grass and was able to get some cool shots.  Possibly my favorite shot of the weekend. The crowd in the background, the tree, the smoke, the sharpness of the car. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it is one of my favorite images of the weekend.


For more photos check out Brandon’s Album Click HERE! and Andrew’s album Click HERE!

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