Photos and Story by: Brandon Deuster

I’ve always heard stories and seen photos from previous Import Alliance meets, and this year I finally decided to plan going to one. This years fall meet was set in Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Not only was this my first Import Alliance show, but this would also be the farthest I’ve gone on a road trip; Totaling over 500 miles and 8 hours on the road. I would make the journey with my good friends Paige and Jake, in her 2006 Acura TL on VIP Modular wheels. We started our trip from my house in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin at noon.


The miles flew by as we made our way through Illinois. Once we had crossed through West Chicago and into Indiana, things seemed to slow down. With the sun setting on a flat, open landscape, the miles seemed to slowly creep by.


We made few stops in the effort of saving time. Two traffic jams ended up slowing our progress by about an hour – one in Chicago and one in northern Indiana. We couldn’t wait to get out of the car and eat a long awaited dinner. We checked into the hotel at about 10:30pm. IMG_6058-2IMG_6062-2

We woke up at 6am the next morning to make it to the show before gates open. We were part of the Downstar booth, being run by Rb, Collin and Fredo. We met up with them at the front of the hotel and set off to the park. Once we set up the booth, I unpacked my camera and got to work.

IMG_6070-2 IMG_6133 IMG_6127 IMG_6126-2 IMG_6125-2 IMG_6124-2 IMG_6123-2 IMG_6119-2 IMG_6118-2 IMG_6101-2 IMG_6093-2 IMG_6082-2 IMG_6079-2

IMG_6135 IMG_6399 IMG_6379 IMG_6375 IMG_6366 IMG_6161 IMG_6157 IMG_6153 IMG_6150IMG_6401IMG_6465IMG_6463IMG_6453IMG_6450IMG_6449IMG_6445IMG_6443IMG_6435IMG_6792IMG_6795By this time, a few talented drifters were offering rides out on the track. I managed to claim a great spot in view of the whole track.

IMG_6768 IMG_6752 IMG_6710 IMG_6670 IMG_6562 IMG_6556 IMG_6535 IMG_6516 IMG_6508 IMG_6489IMG_6602IMG_6613IMG_6614IMG_6770IMG_6822IMG_6815IMG_6806IMG_6796IMG_6795IMG_6792IMG_6791IMG_6788IMG_6785IMG_6782Until that point, I wasn’t able to get too many shots because of harsh sunlight. As the sun started to set, I was able to get another round of photos in before the day ended.

IMG_6870 IMG_6869 IMG_6866 IMG_6864 IMG_6860 IMG_6854 IMG_6842 IMG_6829IMG_6873IMG_6906IMG_6904IMG_6902IMG_6895IMG_6889IMG_6884IMG_6879IMG_6875IMG_6909IMG_6944IMG_6933IMG_6932IMG_6929IMG_6924IMG_6923IMG_6918IMG_6912IMG_6945IMG_6969IMG_6968IMG_6963IMG_6962IMG_6957IMG_6956IMG_6949IMG_6947IMG_6972IMG_6982IMG_6981IMG_6979IMG_6978IMG_6977IMG_6973

I was very impressed after the first day had ended. Like Automotion and other events I’ve been to, the party doesn’t stop after the show ends. For the rest of the night, we hung around other car guys near the hotels and went out to eat. I was super excited for the next day.

IMG_7003 IMG_7004 IMG_7006IMG_7034IMG_7046IMG_7045IMG_7044IMG_7043IMG_7042IMG_7040IMG_7039IMG_7049IMG_7079IMG_7070IMG_7065IMG_7060IMG_7057IMG_7056IMG_7052IMG_7050IMG_7080IMG_7112IMG_7104IMG_7102IMG_7099IMG_7092IMG_7087

Paige and I stumbled on a E30 in one end of the park – It was parked for a photoshoot with the talented Ryan Lopez. I snagged a few shots before getting back to the show. IMG_7119IMG_7128 IMG_7129IMG_7135 IMG_7151 IMG_7150 IMG_7149 IMG_7147 IMG_7143 IMG_7141 IMG_7136IMG_7152IMG_7162IMG_7160IMG_7159IMG_7158IMG_7157IMG_7155

Import Alliance was a blast. To my surprise, I met a lot of people who were interested in my work and where I’m from, despite my friends and I getting made fun of for having a “Wisconsin Accent”. I will for sure be going back to see the other IA meets next year. I would like to thank Rb, Collin, Fredo, Jake, Paige, and everyone else for making this weekend fantastic. It was awesome to see a new part of the country, and seeing cars I’ve never seen before.

-Brandon Deuster

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  1. Richard Deming Jr November 16, 2015 at 7:44 pm #

    GREAT WORK MAN…~!! I left early Sunday had to stop in Indy. Next year I’m there both days. Check my stuff if you get a chance. .~!