By: Brandon Deuster ( @bdeusterphoto )

I am no stranger to IA shows- But each one is just as much fun as the last. This show was a fresh change to the usual IA style, placing showcase cars indoors. Having been to the previous Summer Meet, this was possibly the greatest thing about it all. Last year, as well as this year, the temperatures and humidity were through the roof, flying well above 90 degrees the whole time.



Our weekend started early on Friday morning at my home in Menomonee Falls, WI. Ben, Remington, and I first stopped at a Speedway to gear up for the drive, but the place was so crowded we decided to skip it. We made good time through WI and into Chicago, beating most of the morning traffic. The Recaro seats of Ben’s mustang proved to be incredibly comfortable for long periods of time.

Chicago traffic was a breeze, only holding us up for a short minutes. Crossing into Indiana and Kentucky, I snagged some rolling shots of Remington’s ST along the way.

Nearing Nashville, we ran into a group of cars also headed to IA. Among that group were a few Evos, a RHD 180sx, a lowered Subaru, and a few others. It was fun to cruise with them for a few minutes before they sped ahead of us. The miles were slowly ticking by as we neared closer and closer to the hotel.Upon arriving at the hotel, we immediately noticed some cars who looked to be here for the same thing. A few moments later, even more cars showed up.


The following morning was the first day of Summer Meet. The event was very crowded, making clean shots even more of a challenge. Using a telephoto for part of the event was irritating due to the crowds, but the results are so worth it. Above all else, I was just thankful of the air conditioning inside the venue.

After a very successful day of shooting and admiring the incredible lineup of cars, it was time to hit the road back to the hotel and grab something to eat. Even though we have them at home, one must always go to Chick Fil A when in the south.  We started our drive home from Nashville at 11:30am. As always, I was shooting rollers throughout the journey. 

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