By: Brandon Deuster (@bdeusterphoto)

Kicking off the start to an already fantastic car season was the JDM Chicago Season Opener, located in Hoffman Estates, IL. A few friends and I made the trip down from Milwaukee in the late afternoon to check out what was at the show. It was a cold day, but cars still were in attendance. Check out the variety of cars!

IMG_7008 IMG_7098 IMG_7095 IMG_7094 IMG_7088 IMG_7085 IMG_7084 IMG_7081 IMG_7080 IMG_7079 IMG_7074 IMG_7072 IMG_7070 IMG_7069 IMG_7068 IMG_7066 IMG_7065 IMG_7064 IMG_7063 IMG_7062-Edit IMG_7060 IMG_7059 IMG_7037 IMG_7036 IMG_7033 IMG_7030 IMG_7029 IMG_7028 IMG_7027 IMG_7025 IMG_7024 IMG_7022 IMG_7021 IMG_7020 IMG_7016 IMG_7013 IMG_7012 IMG_7011 IMG_7010

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