JDMChicago FNL Saturdays Season Closer


Words and Photo By: Brandon Deuster (@bdeusterphoto)

The car season is sadly coming to a close. The JDMChicago FNL Saturdays Season Closer was a last hurrah for the local Chicago car community in Hoffman Estates. I went down with a few friends in the afternoon to see all the awesome cars Chicago had to offer before it became too cold outside.

img_4162 img_4284 img_4279 img_4268 img_4266 img_4262 img_4260 img_4251 img_4247 img_4241 img_4237 img_4235 img_4226 img_4221 img_4216 img_4211 img_4207 img_4206 img_4204 img_4202 img_4200 img_4196 img_4191 img_4189 img_4188 img_4187 img_4185 img_4182 img_4178 img_4175 img_4173 img_4172 img_4169img_4294 img_4324 img_4311 img_4300 img_4328 img_4340

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