King Motorsports Dyno Day 2015

King Dyno Day Cover

Words by: Andrew Smith
Photos by: Brandon Deuster

Southeastern Wisconsin is lucky enough to be home to one of the greatest Honda tuning shops in the country, King Motorsports. They are a world renowned Honda tuning shop that have competed around the globe in different racing series, have had multiple cars featured in magazines, and built a name for themselves not only with their own personal shop cars, but also with high quality and well built customer cars. Every year they hold an open dyno day that draws a huge crowd from the Milwaukee area. This year was no exception and some beautiful cars came out despite the wet weather.

I have been going the past 3 years and this year was as enjoyable as always. Unfortunately the cars end up being packed quite tightly so photo opportunities are slightly more difficult than at other shows, but being able to see cars on the dyno is always a plus. I arrived a little while after Brandon, and he had already been snapping quite a few photos, so I only snapped a few photos and left the majority of the coverage to him.

Walking into the show requires you to park down a long street and then follow the row of cars into the show. There are always a number of really cool cars parked along the side of the road.

IMG_8232 IMG_8376 IMG_8374IMG_8370IMG_8367IMG_8366IMG_8364 IMG_8361 IMG_8359IMG_8371 IMG_8354

It is always a pleasure to see clean NSX’s around. To think that these cars came out in the early 90’s, and the styling still turns heads 20 years later is a testament to their timeless beauty.

IMG_8347IMG_8353IMG_8350IMG_8349 IMG_8345

Over the past few years, there seems to have been a big swing in the Honda community towards more track inspired cars. I am happy to see high quality Honda’s still being built as the community grows around the newer makes and models.


It is always a pleasure to see a Galant VR4 around, especially in this good of condition. This is one of the nicer ones I have seen around the area in the past few years. I spent quite a bit of time admiring this since I am a DSMer at heart.


One of the coolest things about the past few years, is seeing that people are really taking to the culture and getting the kids more involved. As many in this scene are getting to the age where they are having kids and getting married, they are making sure their kids are enjoying the day just as much as they are.

IMG_8342Edited (1 of 1) copy IMG_8339

King always has a fantastic showing of their shop cars inside, and this year was no exception.

IMG_8337 IMG_8335 IMG_8334 IMG_8333 IMG_8327 IMG_8326 IMG_8323 IMG_8322 IMG_8321IMG_8318 IMG_8320 IMG_8319IMG_8317 IMG_8316IMG_8311IMG_8314IMG_8312 IMG_8310 IMG_8309 IMG_8307
IMG_8303 IMG_8302 IMG_8301 IMG_8300 IMG_8299

This NSX garnered a lot of attention throughout the day. It just recently underwent some new aero pieces, and was looking as georgeous as ever. This car was parked next to our booth at the Wisconsin Modified car show in the Wisconsin Dells this past spring during Automotion.


I was very impressed with this car. I love the in your face color, the wheel choice, and the license plate. This looks like a perfect daily.

IMG_8295IMG_8294 IMG_8291 IMG_8286 IMG_8285 IMG_8284 IMG_8283IMG_8280

Not to often you see a supercharged RSX!

IMG_8279 IMG_8275

You may recognize Jeremy’s Boosted S2k from one of our first featured car articles!


And speaking of featured cars, we also ran in TJ with his 650+whp MKIV Supra! For the link to his feature car story, CLICK HERE.


Besides Jeremy’s S2000, there were a number of other beautiful examples of well done S2K’s around the show.

IMG_8269IMG_8243 IMG_8265IMG_8242IMG_8266IMG_8246IMG_8244IMG_8268 IMG_8241 IMG_8240 IMG_8239 IMG_8238 IMG_8237 IMG_8236 IMG_8235 IMG_8234

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