Matt Fier’s Bagged Focus ST


Words and Photos by: Jacob Gordy

Ever since 2013 Ford has stepped up their game with performance cars. The GT350R, Focus RS, Fiesta ST, and Focus ST are all affordable performance cars that Ford has to offer. Making a hot hatch is all that consumers wanted from Ford, so in 2013 they introduced the peppy EcoBoost Ford Focus ST.

Ford knew they had to bring something to the table, that would compete with other companies that dominate the playing field with the hot hatch game. Volkswagen with their GTI, Subaru with their WRX, and Mazda with their MazdaSpeed 3 were all companies who dominated the hot hatch game.

Since the launch, the Focus ST has grown exponentially in the tuning world for aftermarket parts. It took about a year and a half until parts started to really come out for the ST. With a little R&D companies started to come out with suspension, bolt ons, and built motors. Before you know it some companies had already broke the 500 whp mark within a year, making it a huge selling point for the car, as consumers had something to look forward to knowing the car has potential.

Matt Fier’s 2015 Focus ST is short from stock. With the goal in mind to leave no bolt untouched, he sure has built a tastefully modded car within only a year of ownership. Matt knew the hate for air ride suspension in todays car community, but that didn’t stop him from modding his car the way he wanted to. He wanted to prove that you can have show and go in the same package with no limitations.

Words from Matt himself:

“I got into cars back in 2013 when I graduated high school, I bought an RX-8 even though I didn’t really know anything about cars, I loved the car but I knew it wasn’t the car for me and and didn’t define me. Originally I wanted an EVO X and after putting some research into other cars, I found hatchbacks and fell in love. July of 2014 I had it narrowed down to a Subaru WRX or a Focus ST, I picked the ST mainly because of the interior. For the next 6 months I did research and just used the time to make sure it was the car I wanted. I was planning on buying a used one but In November I got a promotion at work that allowed me to buy a brand new one. For me having zero help from my parents was the biggest thing that made me happy knowing I could have my dream car with my own hard work, it’s the satisfaction factor. Less than a month later, on January 15th, 2015 I ordered my 2015 Ford Focus ST (ST3) with all the options and color I wanted.” 

Matt continues:

“I wanted to do “go fast” mods and cosmetic mods at the same time and by the end of the year I was stage 1 on coils and other little mods. The cars direction was supposed to be a track show car and after I decided to go bags I was forced to go just show because of my camber. I was unsure what to do with my car because I wasn’t completely happy with the way it looked, but after seeing what a few of my inspirations did with their cars I knew what I wanted to do with mine.” 

Starting with the engine Matt touched up the bay with Boomba racing’s dress up kit. Steeda’s sound symposer delete was done to free up some space and to kill the fake engine noise pumped into the cabin. Adding a nice touch to the car, they are all appealing to the eye. In addition to visual mods, there are also a few parts that are useful. Boomba’s Stage 2 Oil catch can kit was added to the car for the safety benefit. The Focus ST is known for oil blow by in the intake system, this can be detrimental to the motor in the long run.

Aside from appearance mods, Matt has taken things to the performance side of the car. Starting with the front, the car is equipped with Cobb Tuning’s FMIC. Paired with Cobb’s Cold Side charge pipe and MBRP’s Hot Side charge pipe, this is the perfect set up for controlling high charge temps. Moving up the system, the car is equipped with Cobb’s intake kit. From there the exhaust set up consists of ATP’s catless downpipe paired to a Borla Cat back exhaust. With the added torque from Panda’s E30 tune, the car puts down the power through CPE’s stage 2 rear motor mount with limited wheel hop.

Moving on to the exterior of the car, Matt’s ST is equipped with Air lift performance H3 air ride suspension. The car sits on Work Emotion CR Ultimate wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sports. To add some pop with the wheels they are held on with Muteki neon Crome lug nuts. 

The interior is fairly stock, as the ST3 is fully optioned out with the Recaro racing seats and navigation. The only modifications that you can see is the Cobb Accessport, Air management system, and Boosted designs shift knob. As for parts that cant be seen, they include:

Boomba short shifter

Boomba shift plate

Boomba transmission bracket bushing

Boomba shifter base bushing

Boosted designs shift knob

Boosted designs dead pedal

Gas pedal spacer

Finishing up with the little parts of the car, they include ST culture wing risers, TRC front splitter, 20%tint, 35% on windshield. Only owning the car for a year, Matt has done a considerable amount of work in the short time of ownership. Matt has some big plans for the ST this year, as he purchased a proper wide body kit from SS-Tuning, his goals are to have an aggressive wide fitment, lip to fender all the way around. 

To any Focus ST owners reading this article I hope you found some inspiration in Matt’s build. With a whole year ahead of him, he has some great plans to continue making the car the way he wants to. Being one of a few bagged ST’s in the southern Wisconsin/Illinois area, Matt has sure made himself known in the car community. Not just local, but also on forums, blogs and social media. Having the perfect modifications between show and go, this car has been on my radar for some time now. Being a daily driver, hard parker, and weekend warrior, Matt’s car should inspire those afraid to go air ride suspension to do so.

Matt’s will be the first consumer in the United States to acquire the wide body kit from SS-Tuning. Being inspired by the SEMA built wide body Focus ST this year with SS-Tuning’s kit, it is truly amazing to see his goals becoming a reality. Coming up on a year and a half of ownership, this should inspire enthusiasts from all around to dream big and go for them, because it’s only a matter of time until they become a reality.

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Bonus content below including parts list.





2015 Ford Focus ST ST3


Cobb AP V3 tuned by Panda Motorworks


Cobb cold side pipes

Mbrp hot side pipes

ATP catless downpipe

Borla cat-back

Cobb intake

Cpe stage 2 rmm

Boomba stage 2 catch can

Steeda sound symposer delete

Turbosmart BPV

Ngk one step colder plugs

Boomba short shifter

Boomba shift plate

Boomba transmission bracket bushing

Boomba shifter base bushing

Boosted designs shift knob

Boosted designs dead pedal

Gas pedal spacer


Air lift performance H3 air ride

Adjustable rear camber arms

Wheels and Tires:

Work Emotion CR Ultimate wheels

Michelin Pilot Super Sports

Muteki neon Crome lug nuts


Diode dynamics led yellow fogs

Shorty antenna

Matte black banner

Rear wiper delete

St culture wing risers

TRC front splitter

20% tint, 35% windshield tint

Hood struts

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