Midwest Automotive Presents – 2016 Scavenger Rally


Photos by: Andrew Smith and Brandon Deuster
Words by: Andrew Smith

This is the second year of the Scavenger Hunt here in Milwaukee. Although I was busy last year during the rally, I heard absolute great things from everyone who participated. This year it was decided that the proceeds from the Rally would go to our good friend Vicky who is dealing with some health issues. As soon as I heard that they wanted to help Vicky out, I decided that I wanted to help. A quick call to my friend Stephen who was hosting the event, and we decided that the rally would officially become the Midwest Automotive presents: 2016 Scavenger Rally for Vicky. Not only did I feel that this was great opportunity to help get our name out hosting an event very different than the typical car show or meet, but more importantly to help out a dear friend. Vicky has done so much for us here at Midwest Automotive, from proofreading articles and editing photos for guest contributors to allowing myself to help host one of the largest import car shows in southeast Wisconsin, that I was going to help out anyways. It was a perfect example of a WIN-WIN for everyone.

After working with Stephen to get the event setup, we all arrived to Endless Autosport on Saturday September 10th 2016 for the second annual Scavenger Rally. As Stephen and his girlfriend Krisandra finalized the paperwork, I began to take photos. My first goal was to get some shots of the trophy.

edited-1-of-74 edited-2-of-74 edited-3-of-74 edited-4-of-74Friends started showing up as teams began to filter in. While we did have a number of no shows, most likely because of the weather, we still had a great turnout!
edited-5-of-74 edited-6-of-74edited-7-of-74There was plenty of love around with all of the Midwest Automotive stickers.
edited-8-of-74 edited-10-of-74 edited-11-of-74 edited-12-of-74 edited-13-of-74Team Photos! Teal Team 6 to start off!edited-9-of-74 edited-14-of-74 edited-15-of-74 edited-16-of-74Team Terror Squad absolutely killed it with the costumes! We had a bonus for the team with the best team costumes, and they were the winners.edited-17-of-74 edited-18-of-74edited-24-of-74 edited-25-of-74edited-26-of-74And while the Terror Squad did win, the pirates came to scavenge hard! It’s ok though, they took their revenge from the Terrorists…I mean Terror Squad…. later in the day.
edited-19-of-74 edited-20-of-74Selfies with the sexy Mike King!edited-21-of-74 edited-22-of-74Ramrod made an appearance!edited-23-of-74 edited-27-of-74 edited-28-of-74 edited-29-of-74 edited-30-of-74 edited-31-of-74After all of the teams had arrived, Stephen began to clarify all of the rules and hand out the paperwork. A little bit of rain was not going to slow us down!edited-32-of-74 edited-33-of-74 edited-34-of-74And with that it was time to go!edited-35-of-74edited-36-of-74 edited-37-of-74 edited-38-of-74While many of the teams left, a few quickly realized that there were many of the tasks that could be completed before they even left the parking lot.edited-39-of-74 edited-40-of-74A big shoutout to Chris, who while even confined to a wheelchair, brought out his car and was the driver for team Crip.edited-41-of-74 edited-42-of-74After everybody had left the parking lot, we headed up into the office to setup the war room.edited-43-of-74 edited-44-of-74 edited-45-of-74As we began to track the point totals, Brandon wanted to test out the new D750 and lenses. He proceeded to do the photos of the team working throughout the day.edited-46-of-74 edited-47-of-74 edited-48-of-74Basically, if you don’t have a Midwest Automotive sticker on your laptop, you’re the only one.edited-49-of-74 edited-50-of-74 edited-51-of-74 edited-52-of-74Photo of myself, taken by Brandon, as I am in turn taking a photo of Brandon at the same time.edited-53-of-74 edited-53-1-of-74 edited-54-of-74Teams began to roll in to much nicer weather than when everyone had left 5 hours earlier.edited-55-of-74 edited-56-of-74 edited-57-of-74Another car added to the Midwest Automotive army!edited-58-of-74 edited-59-of-74One of the challenges was to buy a $0.25 henna tattoo and to apply it. Adam with the manly elephants.edited-60-of-74 edited-61-of-74After everyone had got back, and all on time, Andrew read a very heartfelt message from Vicky who wasn’t feeling well enough to make it. Andrew is Vicky’s boyfriend and has been by her side throughout it all.
edited-62-of-74After reading through all of the teams, the winners were announced. The pirate team had won! With 84 total tasks on the sheet, they had completed 76 total tasks! Amazing job done by everyone.edited-63-of-74While there was a small monetary prize for winning, the team decided that they wanted to donate the prize money to go to Vicky as well.edited-64-of-74 And the winning teams portrait!edited-66-of-74 edited-65-of-74edited-67-of-74 edited-68-of-74 edited-69-of-74 edited-70-of-74 And a portrait of the couple who put so much work into this, and made this all possible. There were many others who contributed, and while they all deserve thanks, these two really went above and beyond. A big thanks to Stephen and Krisandra!edited-71-of-74 edited-72-of-74 edited-73-of-74 Brandon showing off his sweet dance moves.edited-74-of-74

And that wraps up the coverage of the rally. I want to personally thank everyone who participated, those who helped to host the event, and to Stephen for allowing Midwest Automotive to be the official sponsor of this years rally. I’m not sure what the rally next year will consist of, or how much it will grow, but all I know is that I want Midwest Automotive to be a part of it!


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