Pop-Up Meet: 2016 Season Closer


Words by: Andrew Smith
Photos by: Andrew Smith & Daniel Allen

It has been a few years since I have been to one of the pop-up meets here in Milwaukee WI. It originally started a few years ago when a local photographer threw a little get together literally last minute. With only a day or two notice, word spread and it was quite decent sized. Fast forward a few years and Zach from a local group known as Function:error! (F:E!) decided to host another pop-up meet. The event was hosted on level 4 of the parking garage at Bayshore Mall. Dubbed the “Season Closer” this time we had a week or so notice, but the turnout was incredible. Being honest, most of the local car shows tend to bring out the same cars that you see at all events. However, this event brought out all kinds of cars that I had never seen before in person. It was awesome, everything from a large group of Mustangs, to the internet famous Vaded-Mob GT-86, to a new body style Ford GT that sounded absolutely incredible.


Thanks to Brandon, we were able to be one of the sponsors of the meet, and I decided to setup our cheap little pop-up tent. I grabbed the last 2 t-shirts and 2 hoodies, and a large stack of stickers and setup to greet people. Incredibly, both the tshirts and hoodies almost immediately sold out. Not only did we see the recently sold apparel walking around, but the # of Midwest Automotive hoodies displayed by our supporters was awesome. They were everywhere!

edited-20-of-45 edited-21-of-45edited-1-of-45 final2Our guy Troy had a nasty spill on his Honda Grom. Luckily he only suffered a broken ankle, and should be on his feet in a little while. Get better man!edited-3-of-45 edited-5-of-45 edited-6-of-45 edited-7-of-45Tony’s beautiful 300zx. He just got the thing put together and it is pretty much flawless.edited-11-of-45The Ford GT sounded incredible.edited-8-of-45 edited-9-of-45Keep your eyes open, there may be some Ronin equipped footage making its way to Midwest Automotive soon.edited-10-of-45Since the point of the pop-up meet was as much to hang out with friends as it was a chance to check out each others cars, I focused my camera on details and those people that we here at Midwest Automotive are lucky enough to call friends.edited-12-of-45 edited-13-of-45 edited-14-of-45Nick getting down with his 50mm!
edited-15-of-45Big thanks to Zach Noble for setting up the event and keeping everyone in line. Special guest appearance by Jason Brant of Raven One media right behind him with his Ronin.edited-16-of-45Can’t wait to see Jason’s footage and VLOG of the day.edited-17-of-45 edited-18-of-45img_7858edited-28-of-45How many photographers/videographers can we get in one photo? Jason working on his VLOG while chatting with Don, and Brandon creeping in the background.edited-19-of-45 edited-24-of-45 edited-26-of-45 edited-27-of-45 Bobby’s civic is always impressive.edited-29-of-45Big turbo S2000 on some meat out back.edited-30-of-45Diggy, our resident Euro expert covering all of the VW’s in attendance.img_7832 img_7835img_7831img_7844img_7857I love big old German cars.img_7861 edited-31-of-45 edited-32-of-45Andrew’s Evo X is one of the best sounding X’s I’ve ever heard.edited-33-of-45 edited-34-of-45Our very own Brandon’s Z06 sitting next to our booth!edited-35-of-45Bobby’s imported GTR. Notice what side the steering wheel is on?edited-36-of-45Stephen and Krisandra’s Evo. These are the same two that had the amazing 2G Eclipse GSX. Click HERE for our feature on it!
edited-37-of-45Don doing work.edited-38-of-45 edited-39-of-45Matthew Tessmann’s GTI looks great. Big fan of black mesh style wheels. The sun setting created beautiful highlights in the side.edited-41-of-45 edited-42-of-45Jasper repping MA on his E36!edited-45-of-45One of my favorite Subarus out there. Jordan’s STI is a beast. 600+ whp and completely raw.finalThe Panda!final5 final4-1Matt’s insanely low static STI. The car has gone through a few changes since, but we did a feature on it last year. Click HEREfinal3

Overall it was an incredible event. It was so laid back and relaxed, everyone got along and simply enjoyed hanging out. I cant thank Zach and Function:error! enough for hosting the meet and allow Midwest Automotive to be a part of the event. Can’t wait for the Season Opener show (hint hint Zach) next spring. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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