SEMA 2016


By: Brandon Deuster

SEMA is the pinnacle of the car world for aftermarket companies. A show open to only people in the industry, SEMA is a massive aftermarket and accessory automotive convention held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fortunately enough, I was accepted this year and was able to fly out for this incredible show. In the days leading up to the show, people were telling me the same thing: Bring walking shoes, and the show is so big that you cannot see everything. I had no idea what to expect when I set foot into the convention.

img_5509 img_5841 img_5837 img_5825 img_5816 img_5814 img_5811 img_5805 img_5803 img_5800 img_5797 img_5795 img_5793 img_5790 img_5777 img_5773 img_5770 img_5766 img_5764 img_5760 img_5759 img_5751 img_5747 img_5744 img_5739 img_5678 img_5610 img_5601 img_5570 img_5568 img_5565 img_5553 img_5551 img_5550 img_5547 img_5536 img_5534 img_5529 img_5522 img_5521 img_5519 img_5518 img_5516 img_5515 img_5513 img_5511 img_6151 img_6149 img_6146 img_6142 img_6133 img_6130 img_6122 img_6121 img_6118 img_6114 img_6109 img_6099 img_6098 img_6096 img_6085 img_6082 img_6079 img_6078 img_6077 img_6069 img_6067 img_6063 img_6059 img_6057 img_6054 img_6053 img_6048 img_6044 img_6043 img_6042 img_6041 img_6035 img_6031 img_6029 img_6027 img_5993 img_5961 img_5881 img_5875 img_5868 img_5863 img_5862 img_5860 img_5855 img_5843img_6153img_6384img_6383img_6382img_6381img_6380img_6379img_6378img_6377img_6376img_6374img_6369img_6367img_6366img_6365img_6361img_6359img_6358img_6353img_6350img_6347img_6343img_6342img_6341img_6334img_6325img_6323img_6322img_6319img_6316img_6313img_6310img_6309img_6307img_6298img_6296img_6291img_6288img_6283img_6271img_6265img_6260img_6259img_6258img_6251img_6248img_6247img_6245img_6243img_6239img_6234img_6229img_6224img_6221img_6220img_6219img_6217img_6216img_6213img_6211img_6209img_6199img_6195img_6190img_6184img_6172img_6169img_6163img_6157img_6156img_6388

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