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In the days following my trip to Import Alliance, I was wanting to do one more big trip before the car season came to a close. Shortly after, the opportunity arose to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with the same group of awesome friends for Slammedenuff. Immediately, I pounced on the chance. The weekend began with me making a drive down to Illinois to meet up with Connor and Lewie, to prepare for the near 10 hour drive the following morning.


Our trip started before the sun rose, early on Friday morning. With Lewie’s car already loaded on the trailer, we were set to go.

img_1450img_1455img_1464 img_1530 img_1468img_1537img_1568img_1591-editimg_1609img_1610img_1638

We arrived at the cabin at right about 6pm, cursing our phone’s GPS for taking us on possibly the world’s most narrow road with a wide car trailer. Josh was already there to greet us.

img_1655 img_1658img_1659img_1675img_1674img_1665img_1663img_1677img_1678img_1682img_1681img_1683After getting everything unpacked and unloaded, we went to the top of the hill to snag some photos. The amount of looks that these cars get together makes you feel like you’re the president rolling through town in a motorcade.

img_1688 img_1719 img_1718 img_1716 img_1713 img_1709 img_1705-edit img_1697 img_1695

Next, it was into town to check out what Gatlinburg had to offer. For those Wisconsinites out there, this place is just like the Wisconsin Dells, only in the south.img_1738img_1744img_1758img_1812img_1803

The next morning is where the real fun began. On the way to get brunch, we had some fun on the parkway headed into town – Or should I say, Mexico. After food, we searched around for a self service car wash. img_1856img_1863img_1964img_1959img_1953img_1952img_1931img_1920img_1909img_1904img_1902img_1901img_1895img_1891img_1880img_1875img_1872img_1869img_1987img_1994img_1989

The traffic in the area was crazy for the town of this size. Rolling shots were a challenge – we decided to to ditch the crowds for a more scenic view. img_2046 img_2196 img_2191 img_2190 img_2187 img_2183 img_2130 img_2127 img_2112-edit img_2103 img_2085-edit img_2082-edit img_2065-edit img_2059-edit img_2053 img_2050-2img_2212img_2268img_2258img_2248img_2219The sun was starting to set over the mountains, and it was time to head to the pre meet, located just outside of town at a sports complex.

img_2292 img_2294

I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Whiles in person at the pre meet. We walked around the meet together snapping photos, as well as chatting up about photography, cars, and other things. Thanks Ben! img_2306img_2305img_2298

Show time! The guys were so hyped to get into the show and see all the crazy builds. Brandon Whited joined us at the cabin to represent Vaded Mob as we all rolled in together.

img_2421 img_2430 img_2428 img_2427 img_2425 img_2422 img_2441 img_2437This was the first time everyone was officially representing Vaded Mob as a crew. The response from people at the show was insane.



The show was one of the best ones I’ve ever been to. The amount of quality cars is absolutely mind boggling. The parking was photo friendly, the vendors were on point, and the response from the awards was overwhelmingly positive.  It was a good way to end the weekend on a high note, especially since we had a very long drive ahead of us the following morning.

img_2895 img_2911 img_2909 img_2906 img_2905 img_2904 img_2913 img_2918img_2934img_2955

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  1. Nick Caesar October 5, 2016 at 1:36 pm #

    Beautiful photos man! Only asking because Im looking at a new setup. Thanks brother!