Speedy Peedy Vette 2.0

Words and Photos by: Andrew Smith

I had the opportunity to shoot Ryan’s first vette last year. It was a supercharged C6 that was my first close encounter of a powerful V8. For that article, CLICK HERE.

Ryan’s new Corvette is no longer supercharged, it is simply a built motor and nitrous car. And when I say “simply”, I may be understating it just a bit. This car bests the old one in every regard. The widebody of the C6 Z06 coupled with the ZR1 body pieces really give the car an agressive look. As the car was sitting in the parkway with the cams just lumping away, a passerby in a truck said it best, “My God….”

In Ryan’s own words:

“Corvettes seem to keep appearing into my garage. This car will be my 4th corvette and I must say that it is my favorite. Back in 2016 we built this car at endless for a customer. The customer didn’t spare anything while upgrading the certain things. As March rolled around of 2017 I decided it was time to get back into one and I have always wanted a C6Z. This Black 2lz Z06 was a beautiful car when I purchased it but of course I needed to make it my own. We instantly order Welds, a nitrous kit, and a few other things. Within a few months the car was a whole new animal making over 750hp with the nitrous outlet wet plate kit. This car is the definition of a street car. It is driven to work every day and to Madison on the weekends just like any street car should be. There will be more to come with this one! We will see where the winter takes us.”

Mod List
2007 Corvette Z06 2LZ
7.0L LS7 28,xxx miles
6 Speed TR6060 Trans
Performance Mods:
LS7R Cam
Pinned Crank
PRC 265cc Heads with Titanium Valves
TSP 7.800 Titanium Push Rods
Dual Valve Springs Titanium Retainers
Dewitts Aluminum Radiator
Arp Head Studs
LS9 HeadGaskets
MSD Plug wires
MSD 2 Step Launch Control
Texas Speed Headers 1 7/8in
Texas Speed Crossover Pipe
Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust
Aem V2 Wideband with Gauge
Aem OBD2 scan Gauge
Hi Volume ported Oil Pump
Nitrous Outlet Wet Plate kit
Holley Intake
Exterior Mods:
Weld RTS S77 forged wheels
17×11 Rear with brand new 325/45/r17 M&H Roadmasters
18×10 Front with wrapped in a 285/35/r18 Nitto
Blacked out every exterior light on the vehicle
Lowered on West Coast Corvette Lowering bolts
Zr1 Side Skirts
Zr1 Front lip

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