By: Brandon Deuster



I’ve never been to the upper east coast before. I’ve spent a lot of time in the southern states, but never had the chance to get out east. When StanceWars announced plans for a New Jersey show, us at Vaded Mob immediately put plans in place to make it out there. Joshua (@theraflu) and Connor (@connor_lol) had to make the 14+ hour drive, whereas I fortunately had to jump on a plane.

After scooping me up from the airport and getting situated at our hotel, Connor and Josh cleaned up the cars and we went out to start shooting.I was juggling photos and videos at the same time, and we stumbled across a park across from NYC with an absolutely killer view. Having never been here before, I was blown away by the scale of Manhattan with glistening skyscrapers, massive boats, and tons of helicopters buzzing all around.

We went back to the hotel to regroup and eat. We had plans to head into NYC itself late at night in hopes of capturing the crazyness that is Times Square. We set out after midnight and even then it was still bustling with people. I was in total tourist mode as we paid the incredible $14 toll and passed through the iconic Holland Tunnel.

The following morning was the day of the show. Thankfully, vendor roll in wasn’t until the afternoon, so we had some time to kill. I felt that I didn’t have as many photos of the two cars as I had hoped, so we explored around the roads near the hotel, eventually settling on a shipping yard. The entire shoot can be found on my flickr.

Aaaaand, showtime!

After awards were passed out, we talked with Mike from StanceWars and began to tear down. I was blown away by the event. It may not have been a large show, but the quality of cars was intense. 

A mini shoot broke out in the parking lot before heading out to eat. It was a great way to close the weekend with some amazing people and some amazing experiences. Huge thank you to Mike for putting on the event and having us out. I am 100% going to come back and hopefully some day make it out to the other SW shows.

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