StanceWI – Park After Dark


Photos by: Brandon Deuster

One of the most iconic shows hosted in WI is back. StanceWI has been hosting huge events in Wisconsin for several years now, and the most recent show was even bigger. Hundreds upon hundreds of cars descended on a little airport in Watertown, WI. Its not often do you get access to an airport for a car show, including hangars. Function:Error was the first to arrive, I had met up with them early in the morning.

IMG_6553FE uses similar cars as platforms, but the outcomes of these builds are vastly different. While they are mostly all AWD cars, namely Subarus, not one looks the same, nor do two share the same style. Its unique, but uniform at the same time. Whether it be bagged/static or also sport a built motor, every one of the guys has a unique vision that makes them stand out.

We arrived at the show at 1:30, many hours before the show started. That gave Jason and I plenty of time to do some shooting in the hanger we had access to.

IMG_6890 IMG_6929 IMG_6939 IMG_7009

Once the day got closer to the open time, the cars gathered in massive numbers. For the majority of the day, the line was backed out to the highway.  In what seemed like a split second later, the entire lot was filled. The show had begun.IMG_7207 IMG_7223 IMG_7225 IMG_7229 IMG_7231 IMG_7234
IMG_7235 IMG_7236 IMG_7237 IMG_7239 IMG_7241 IMG_7243IMG_7246 IMG_7247 IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7254 IMG_7255IMG_7256 IMG_7257 IMG_7258 IMG_7259 IMG_7260 IMG_7261IMG_7262 IMG_7264 IMG_7269 IMG_7270 IMG_7274 IMG_7275IMG_7276 IMG_7279 IMG_7280 IMG_7281 IMG_7283 IMG_7284IMG_7286 IMG_7289 IMG_7293 IMG_7295 IMG_7296 IMG_7297 IMG_7300 IMG_7304 IMG_7308IMG_7309 IMG_7315 IMG_7316 IMG_7321 IMG_7325 IMG_7327 IMG_7336 IMG_7340

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