Guest Contributor: Nick Stefanski – STOOPIDCOLD 2017

By: Nick Stefanski ( @_stefanski_ )

My plans to go to Slammedenuff?’s Stoopicold 2017 started coming into fruition when one of my best friends, Nathan Goelz (@ngoelz_3), was accepted as an upperclassman. That got the ball rolling, and before we knew it, the hotel was booked and our friends were invited. I contacted Brandon, curious if anybody from Midwest Automotive was attending this specific event. Lucky for me, the opportunity to cover it arose and I couldn’t have been more excited.

The trip itself started around 5:00 PM on Thursday the 19th in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I drove three hours across the state with my friend Trent to pick up Jasper, a fellow photographer (@jgusty), in Milwaukee, and eventually met up with Nathan and the rest of the crew in the small town of Delafield. We met at our friend Steve’s, where I was happy to see the Genesis was loaded on the trailer and almost ready to go.


A few last minute precautions were taken and packing was finalized. We headed south around 11:30 PM. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture any photos on the drive since it was primarily night and I drove most of the way, aside from a quick break for a much needed nap. We arrived in Memphis around 10:30 AM on Friday, explored a little, grabbed a bite to eat, and checked into the house we were staying at around 1:30 PM.

The night was fairly uneventful and the eight that made the trek down from Wisconsin together hung around the house and caught up on our showers and some shut eye.

Nathan and I were the first ones awake on Saturday, the day of the show, shortly followed by Steve and Jasper. Nathan was supposed to be at the hangar at 8:00 AM, but we had a few hiccups and an impromptu photoshoot to attend to.

Many people reading this don’t realize how rare it is to get a photo, let alone see, Nathan smiling.

The airstrip was the next stop for staging. I was helping wipe down the car, so I unfortunately wasn’t able to grab as many photos as I would’ve liked.

Before the show officially started, I grabbed a few photos in the hangar to test out the lighting (which was less than ideal) and take advantage of the lack of a crowd.

Still exhausted from past 36 hours, we had to run home to fuel up. 18 eggs, a pound of bacon, and a few coffees later, we were energized and ready for what Stoopicold 2017 had in store for us. Upon return, the walk to the hangar was filled with plenty of beautiful cars, so I couldn’t resist.

One of the most simply beautiful interiors I have seen inside of one of the most beautiful factory paint colors, in my opinion.

I never thought I would like a Prius, but I can’t deny my envy for this build.

As I ventured in the hangar, I began seeing cars that I never imagined. I have seen plenty of these cars on the internet. In person, it’s a whole different story. I hope that these photos even kind of do justice to the time and effort that has gone into creating these wonderful works of art.

The variety of styles was incredible and very well received. I saw groups of people surround all sorts of builds ranging from VIP inspired setups to a widebody American Muscle SEMA car. The crowd was great and the enthusiasm was very present.

I still haven’t fully processed the fact that @cody.mason109’s beast is static.

Although it was my first time seeing this vehicle in person, the new color on @srtmush’s Charger Hellcat made that car so much better in my eyes.

A quick breath of fresh air was needed, so we headed outside for a few minutes.

As awesome as it was seeing “internet cars,” seeing a few familiar ones from Wisconsin shows really pulled the whole show together. Pictured above is @honestlyhaley_flt’s 2013 Scion FRS.

What’s a car show without some awesome dogs?

I wasn’t expecting to take any pictures of bikes, but I can’t think of a way to describe this Harley other than badass.

Another familiar car, @kota_brz. The hidden rivets on this widebody really helped maintain the gorgeous lines of the car, uninterrupted.

It’s great to have an idea work out and come into action. A thought of a Tennessee road trip with the benefit of a car show turned into an unforgettable weekend with some awesome people. I will always look back on this weekend, trying to count the great memories made, the friendships grown, and the hard work of many and smile ear to ear. Thank you to everybody that made this weekend as great as it was and thank you Midwest Automotive for the opportunity to cover the event for you.

Nick Stefanski


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