By: Brandon Deuster

The next installment of the Top Shelf meet was not held in the usual spot in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin. Instead, this time it was held at an airstrip outside of town. Airstrip meets are always a cool venue and aren’t used often in the local scene. I went up early before the show with a few friends to get ready for the meet.

IMG_6449 IMG_6457 IMG_6455 IMG_6454 IMG_6452IMG_6463 IMG_6532 IMG_6524 IMG_6472 IMG_6470 IMG_6467IMG_6553 IMG_6555IMG_6557
IMG_6566 IMG_6564 IMG_6562IMG_6590IMG_6619 IMG_6644 IMG_6642 IMG_6635 IMG_6631 IMG_6627 IMG_6621IMG_6645 IMG_6712 IMG_6702 IMG_6696 IMG_6679 IMG_6677 IMG_6667 IMG_6659IMG_6716 IMG_6834 IMG_6823 IMG_6818 IMG_6809 IMG_6805 IMG_6790 IMG_6780 IMG_6771 IMG_6767 IMG_6758 IMG_6748 IMG_6747 IMG_6744 IMG_6736 IMG_6734 IMG_6732 IMG_6727 IMG_6723 IMG_6718After the meet, all of us went back to Hunter’s place to get photos of all the cars. Alex busted out the drone, and we climbed onto the roof. IMG_6857 IMG_6887 IMG_6880 IMG_6877 IMG_6861 IMG_6860IMG_6888 IMG_6968 IMG_6967 IMG_6965 IMG_6964 IMG_6961 IMG_6956 IMG_6954 IMG_6952 IMG_6949 IMG_6946 IMG_6932 IMG_6926 IMG_6922 IMG_6913 IMG_6909 IMG_6904 IMG_6900 IMG_6899 IMG_6891IMG_6968 IMG_7025 IMG_7003 IMG_7001 IMG_6990 IMG_6986 IMG_6981 IMG_6978 IMG_7048 IMG_7047 IMG_7046 IMG_7036 IMG_7033 IMG_7031 IMG_7028

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