Turbo Vette Cart

Words and Photos by: Andrew Smith

Everyone involved in the automotive world is doing it for enjoyment. Some people enjoy creating beautiful works of art that are shown in car shows, some build the car to put as much power as possible down to the wheels, and some spends countless hours tweaking every aspect of performance to shave a few tenths of a second off their lap time. And then there is Jesse. Jesse doesn’t give a f*ck.

I met Jesse when I bought my Trailblazer SS from him about a year ago. My very first thought was, this dude looks like Mike Finnegan. Then I realized that he was wearing a FSM hat, and after seeing the multiple GMC Typhoons in the garage, I knew this guy was a true gearhead. Fast forward to over summer and I see that he has built a Vette cart. Knowing the laid back attitude of Jesse and his affection for Roadkill, I knew it would be a garage built toy that was tons of fun.

Nobody has more fun than Jesse. To give you a bit of an insight into how he rolls, Jesse wasn’t planning on turboing the cart. After attending a random car show and having a few beers with his good buddy Garret, they joked about putting a turbo from one of Jesse’s Typhoons on it. A few hours later, they were finishing up the final touches or turboing the crossfire injected V8.

Im not going to give too many details on the car yet, as Jesse has some plans to complete the car over winter. Many details will be attended too and the car will be refined. At this point the car is raw.

I have never been in a car that gets more attention than this. People from all walks of life were stopping in the middle of the road to try and figure out what it was. I have not had more fun riding in a car in a long time.



Additional Photos

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