UPDATE: Neil’s Mustang GT Gets Wild

Words and photos by: Jonathan Salmi

Last year, we brought you a story about Neil Griffin’s 2015 Mustang GT. At the time, it was a well-balanced build, attractive and powerful, with upgrades to suspension, wheels, audio, and bolt-on power mods. In the year or so since that piece, any sense that this pony was domesticated has vanished.

The most obvious change is the new wheel and suspension set-up. Moving on from a set of Niche 20s, the Mustang is now wearing 20” Blaque Diamond BD-11 wheels wrapped in Continental Extreme Contact tires. The wheels provide an immediately more aggressive look which is only enhanced by the new Airlift 3h/3p suspension system. Whether driving at its standard height with the wheels perfectly filling out the arches or parked with the BD wheels tucked in tight, the effect is dramatic.
Moving around to the front of the vehicle, you’re slapped in the face by the sight of a massive front-mount intercooler made all the more visible by a grill delete. That intercooler is paired with a new Procharger D1SC blower which is pushing between 8 and 10 pounds of boost to the Coyote 5.0 liter V8. A JMS FuelMax pump booster and Injector Dynamics 1000 injectors help keep the beast fed. With a Lund tune to keep everything working together, the Mustang is now pushing 621hp and 527 lb-ft to the rear wheels.
The changes don’t stop there. As far as lighting, Neil has upgraded to Diode Dynamics LED reverse lights and switchback turn signals. The FMIC is also independently lit, as is the engine bay which is sporting a fitting US flag heat blanket on the underside of the hood.  Bullit Vinyl If North Carolina provided the new black roof. Adding to the subtle-yet-aggressive theme, the rear decklid is now missing its badge and the windows have been tinted to near black.
Neil still isn’t done. This winter, he’s planning to add even more power with a GT350 Intake, long tube headers, a new exhaust, and a new tune to support even more boost. As the car continues to evolve, expect to see more suspension and drivetrain upgrades too.
During our slightly abbreviated photo shoot in downtown Chicago, we lost the daylight quickly and Neil took me for a ride through the Loop. Even on our notoriously terrible roads, the ride was firm but not jarring. It was immediately apparent that this car is a head-turner. That might have something to do with the Roush exhaust and pronounced supercharger whine which announce the Mustang’s presence for blocks ahead as the rumble echoes under the L tracks. Even the slightly perturbed security guard who came to throw us out of the alley we stopped in for photos had to take a moment to appreciate this build. And that might be the best compliment.
You can follow along with Neil on Instagram @grifdog02. While you’re there, don’t forget to follow us @midwestautomotive.
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